I'm excited to share a dear-to-heart project I've devised over the years with the Children Arts Center- Bibliotheca Alexandria team: "Biennale of Children Art."

Asmaa Barbary | Art

These accumulations document the moment paint, image, and conditions evolve from children's expression into art therapy to achieve sustainable development, especially for children with different abilities.

Asmaa Barbary | Art

Artist Asmaa Barbary's artwork is characterized by sensitive brushstrokes with a touch of playfulness. At the same time, the different figure is a fundamental source of inspiration.

"I like to play with the texture of the paint or tunes. I aim to capture power, sensuality, aesthetics, and vulnerability. Each artwork depends on my emotion, so I usually consider the result a recast of me."

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The gallery contains much of the work produced by Dr. Asmaa Barbary and Artist Medhat Alkariouny during his lifetime. Please take a look at one of our collections.

Asmaa Barbary | Art
Asmaa Barbary | Art


All Works By Asmaa Barbary And Medhat Alkariouny Are Copyrighted.

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