Hi, I'm Asmaa, an Egyptian Artist; my art pierces beyond the bounds of postures and appearances.

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Asmaa Barbary was born on April 19, 1973, in the Red Sea Governorate and was raised in Alexandria, Egypt—one of the greatest cities of the Mediterranean Sea. Asmaa was primarily a realistic painter. Her favourite subjects were the land and people around her, both around her hometown of Alexandria, Egypt, and her root in the south of Nubia.

" From the beginning, my art has been my quest to connect things and feelings to People, the World and the Universe. I instinctively search for freedom in my strokes, shapes and colours, for I do not paint; I am the painting. "

Asmaa Barbary

Asmaa Barbary


Arts open me to myself; it permits me to escape into spaces in which realism and imagination intertwine, setting the path to emotions, dreams and journeys.


Alexandria University

Faculty of Specific Education
1994 Department of Art Education / Bachelor Of Arts

Helwan University

Faculty of Art Education
1997 | Supplementary Diploma
2003 | Master's Degree [MA]
2011 | Doctoral Degree [PhD]


The web is fantastic! But meeting face-to-face is even better!

I want to welcome you, make you feel at ease, and give the artwork the perfect display case, inviting you to stroll around and discover the artwork, simply but naturally, before all else.



"People who know me - and indeed some who don't - are acquainted with my long-held fixation with the triangle, in all its shapes and forms,"

Since Asmaa Barbary's professional career began in 1995, she has exhibited her artworks in numerous art fairs and exhibitions, such as the 3rd Cairo International Biennial of Ceramics in 1997, Egypt’s Academy of Arts in Rome's "Culture Junction," and Bibliotheca Alexandrina with (ÄDK)- Egyptian-German Cultural Centre "Book Fiction." .

She is best- known for her most recent paintings, a synthesis of her technique identifiable in her pieces "Roots," "Conversion," "Augmentation," and "Deification," as coloured projections. With traditional, colourful, deep yet specific and personal, Asmaa Barbary's art resonates deeply with some of her collectors because it offers serenity and escapism in our ever-changing world.


/ Painting & Drawing / Work On Paper /

The dominance of colours structures the materiality. The abstraction is random, informal and allusive. The choice of a lively, colourful palette, with a preference for red, blue, yellow and sometimes green, is the fruition that offers a bright and optimistic world to onlookers.

There has been a recent shift today in how the public perceives her artworks, a perception imbued with a new emotion. The spectators are guided by a series of keys, allowing them different interpretive degrees.

Asmaa Barbary's technique combines her favourite pigments, sand, oil pastels and graphite tips.


/ New Media / Mixed Media / Sculpture

Asmaa Barbary's works are all about purity—the pureness of elliptical forms, the materials and the colourings.

First, the pureness of shapes… Asmaa boundlessly toils the mysticism spurred by curves forming her sculptures with a delicate geometric, biological or organic conception.

Then, there is the purity of the material; Asmaa's works offer many pictorial mixtures as they do tactile sentiments.

Lastly, the purity of colour: She examines various colours that ultimately sublimate her crafting. Asmaa seeks perfection in her technic to attain a homogenous and dense effect, where shadows and light spur her artworks, bringing them to life, all with esthetic purity.

In that respect, Asmaa forms her objects like a soul's matrix, with an almost motherly affinity with the living shapes she creates, which she then produces in limited editions, all the while varying sizes and colours, some invariant colossal.


/ Artisanal Handicraft / Folkloric Jewelry /

When I see people smile when glancing at my Handicrafts and see them become connected to them as I do, I say to myself that I got it correct. And that gives me great pleasure.

Asmaa is more 'technical,' concentrated, and meticulous, not to say determined because she knows how to "adorn" her objects. The first stage defines the soul and identity of the design that the latter will transform 'visually.' It creates the endearing humane quality that characterizes and unites her designs.

It also explains why Asmaa Barbary always finds it difficult to break away from them and why she is intransigent: "I have to like the character, find it nice and become attached to it. I love flaws in my Artisanal Handicraft because human beings are imperfect."

So, which of my artworks will be your favourite? Which will become your confidant? I have already found mine!

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